Photography in Paris and an Inspired New Traveling Project!

Hey guys!

It’s been a while! So a while back I had the amazing opportunity to meet up with a former exchange student and visit Paris with her! The city is really cool and lived up to all its hype! I jumped in a BlaBla Car for a 5 hour drive to the city. I only spent a weekend there and you can check out all the adventures here in my vlog!

Here are a few pictures I got while there!

DSC_0070 DSC_0089 DSC_0113

Then more recently was the great King’s Day weekend. A Dutch national holiday celebrating  the king’s birthday. The two big days were the night before, where there were bands performing (one of The Dodos, a SanFran band), there were carnival rides and an overall fun exciting time in the city center. The other was King’s Day where we went to Amsterdam and explored the festivities there. (you can click the blue to check out the vlogs)

All this traveling and exploring has led me to start my own project when I get back home. This project is The Great American Roadtrip. It’s a coast to coast hitch hiking road trip with my best friend. We’re putting it up on kickstarter and it goes live today! Any help and support would be awesome! You can like us on Facebook at And you can check out the KickStarter here!