South Korea – second semester


South Korea so far has been a great experience, everything that I imagined it would be plus more before arriving. I have just started my second semester here in Seoul and time is surely flying bye.  Living in Korea is sometimes difficult as it is so different and fast pace compared to Louisville but at the same time enjoyable, so many things to do with friends at all hours of the day.  So far I have seen many beautiful places, ate a lot of delicious Korean cuisines, been able to make great friends (international and native), and have made experiences that I will never forget.  Korea is awesome, I regret not blogging until now, I really should have sent in some blog post earlier to let people to know about this great city and culture.  I was going to upload my own pics and videos, but I found a great video from buzzfeed that really summarizes Korea and my experiences here. I will be uploading my own pictures in later post!