Tips for Prague

So today I will be posting some tips for anyone that will be coming to Prague to study at the University of Economics and posting a few pictures from my time here.


When you arrive to the airport, get a map of the public transportation system and keep it with you.           Do not take a taxi from the airport, it is way too expensive. Instead take the 179 bus to the stop Motol and get on the 9 tram going towards Spojovaci.  This ride will take about 30-40 minutes and you will get off at the Strazni stop, the dorm is 1 1/2 block walk to your left when you exit the tram.  This will save you $50.

The people that work at the front desk of the dorm do not speak English at all, so bring an English to Czech phrase book so that you have some hope of communication with them.

If they put you in a room on the 1st floor, asked to be moved immediately.  They do not have AC in the dorms so during the summer time you must leave your windows open, and they do not have screens or bars or any protection from the outside world.  So your best bet is to ask for a higher level floor so that you do not get robbed.

Bring a debit card with a PIN number with you, NOT a credit card, the best way to pay for things is with local currency (Czech Crowns) and the best way to get this currency is from the ATMs around town.  They are called Bankomats here and they are everywhere.

Beer is cheap here, very cheap. Enjoy it!

Do not expect an orientation of any type when you arrive, they sign you up for your class, hand you some paperwork and send you on your way.  You must familiarize yourself with the campus and the local area, the best way to do this is by tram.

I am sure there are more things but for now these are the most important things that come to mind.  Make sure to go out and see all the sights, the map of the public transportation has all the best places listed with exact directions how to get to each place, use it.  Do not study too hard, it really is not necessary, go out and enjoy the cheap beer, that’s the key to a good time in Prague.

Study Abroad in Prague

Hello everyone, my name is David Hardesty and I am currently in the middle of a short 4 week study abroad session here in Prague, Czech Republic.  Much like the other posts I have read about trips abroad, mine began quite terribly.  The first night I was here someone climbed through our dorm window and stole my laptop and my roommates phone.  After that start I was sure this trip was a mistake, however things eventually turned around.  After two days in Prague I took a one week trip to Amsterdam and after that things started to get much better.  While in Amsterdam I learned how to navigate the preferred method of European transportation, the tram system.  Being from Louisville I have never ridden any form of public transportation, I had always jumped in my car and driven myself wherever I wanted to go.  Now I’m a pro at navigating public transportation even when I cannot read the language.

I have seen some awesome things while in Europe, met some great people and have had a very enjoyable experience while I have been here.  However, the culture shock we were warned about was very real.  I can remember talking with my fian?ee about the school warning us about it and laughing at the notion.  But I can attest it is quite shocking.  Being immersed in a place where you do not hear English spoken, see any English signs or writing, and must adapt to a completely different social and cultural atmosphere can be quite a challenge, especially when you are all alone and do not have anybody to experience it with.  Once everything set in and the homesickness subsided a bit (never fully going away though) things got much better.

I would definitely recommend a study abroad trip to anyone that wanted to get out of their usual comfort zone and try something new and adventurous.  I have learned a great deal about myself while I have been abroad and have experienced personal growth that I did not think possible at my age (we’ll just say I’m older than your typical college student).  I have experienced things I never imagined I would, have seen things I have only seen on television or the internet, and have gained some extremely valuable global perspective and personal growth.

I will be posting again about my experience in my classes and will include some photographs and videos I have accumulated while here in Europe.  Thanks for reading,

David Hardesty