This post is LONG over due, but better late than never eh?

My study abroad travel experience gave me the opportunity to visit several cities in France, as well as Rome, London, Amsterdam, and Brussels. It was without a doubt the best experience of my life.

The last week of our program took us to Brussels Belgium. I had never been, but I LOVED IT! It was very different from france, but I really enjoyed it. People speak both Flemish, and French there. I found that conversing with people in French was much easier than in france. Not only was it easier for me to understand, but people we also much more friendly.

It is a very international city, and as home of the European parliament it was very interesting. Our program let us do a simulation of law making at the European Union level, and it was very realistic and cool.

The only downside to Brussels is pick pocketing in the subway is a big issue. It happened to a girl in our group as I was walking right beside her, and we never saw anyone. Be careful in large groups, but as long as valuables are out of reach, no fear.

Although I returned home 2 month ago, I still am in close contact with many of the people I met this summer. I even went to Bowling green ohio to visit a few people from my program last weekend. Although I was the only person from UofL  to do the Audencia program, it didn’t matter. I was actually glad because it brought me out of my shell, and I now have new life long friends.




My name is Taylor Fiske and I’m wrapping up my last week as a student at Audencia in Nantes France. It is an adorable little city that reminds me a lot of Louisville in a few ways. It has a large student population, and many artsy things to do. I am very sad to be leaving soon as I have not had a chance to ride the big carousel on the ilse de nantes! Audencia is a great school, and this program has allowed me to make friends with people from mexica, Portugal, finland, and india! Our next week will be in Brussels and as sad as I am to leave nantes Im excited to visit a new city !