In love with Barcelona!

So I have been in Barcelona for about a month, mas o menos! Barcelona is absolutely amazing.  The people, the culture, the art, the beach, the sights are all beautiful.Amy definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to study abroad.  There is so much to do here.  You will never be bored! I amtraveling through ISA.  They have been super organized and helpful.  A lot of students including myself have used secondary agencies for weekend travel.  Stoke Travel and Bus2alps are both highly recommend.  Sometimes if your organize the trip for a certain number of people, then you can travel for free!






Viva La Barca!

So far I have been in Spain for only 10 days, but each day has been amazing.  We (ISA) started out in Madrid, and stayed at the beautiful hotel  NH Nacional.  The hotel is in a great location surrounded by parks, shops and restaurants. That night, we went to a little taberna nearby where we sampled the local paella.  The next day we visited El Museo Prado that houses one of my favorite Velasquez painting.  The day after we headed to the beautiful historic town of Toledo.

After Toledo, we took the nine hour bus ride to Barcelona (I recommend Dramamine for sure).  I am now settled in my fantastic Barcelona apartment.  I definitely recommend staying in apartment or dorm.  Barcelona is a huge city!  There is so much to do and you will never be bored.  You have to check out the beaches.  The further you go from the Barceloneta stop the better.  Gaudi’s masterpiece La Sagrada Familia is a must. Park Guell is also a must do while in Barcelona.  Las Ramblas is one of the main shopping districts filled with great gelato and shops.   I’ll post more spots soon.

Classes are great.  The Econ course is super interesting, but a little fast paced.  International Marketing is great as well.   We are going through a bunch of case studies on local companies.  Overall barcelona is amazing.  Everyone should go at least once, but may never want to leave!