With less than a week to go left in my program, I look back on my time here in Europe and don’t know where it all has gone.  It seems like not too long ago I got on the plane to Prague.  My time hear in Prague has been a once in a lifetime experience.  After seeing all the amazing and breathtaking sights throughout the city, I cannot begin to understand how so many people know so little information about Prague.  When I told people back home that I was studying here, I was asked by some where it was.  The city of Prague, is beautiful and the possibilities of things to do here are endless.  Prague was never affected by bombings during WWII and the buildings are the original ones from many years ago.  Traveling throughout Europe has been one of my favorite experiences while here.  Thanks to bus or train access, I have been able to visit cities in Germany, Austria, and Hungary.  I’ll never be this close to seeing this many cool things in different places in the United States.  It has also been eye opening to talk to other students from other countries and other parts of the US studying abroad.  It has given me the opportunity to experience different cultures and see how things are different in different places.  If you ever consider studying abroad, I highly encourage it because it is an experience you may never get once you graduate college.  You get the opportunity to travel abroad and get credits for classes.