Hola chicos! It’s been five weeks and sadly my time in Sevilla is coming to an end. For me, making the decision to study abroad was very difficult. I went back and forth numerous of times, but in the end, I MADE IT and to be honest, I probably would have regretted not coming.

My favorite part of this trip would probably be going to different places. Throughout the five weeks I have been to Madrid, Toledo, Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba, Jerez, Cadiz, Portugal, Venice, Verona, and Milan. Out of those 11 locations, Portugal and Venice were my absolute favs! Portugal’s beaches were so pretty, probably the prettiest beaches that I have ever been to. So, if you ever have the chance to visit Portugal, I would highly recommend you stopping at one of the beaches. But… VENICE or as the Italian’s call it VENEZA. Venice was an interesting trip. I actually went with another chick from Louisville. I learned a lot about myself. To be a person who hates geography, I was quite amazing at finding my way through the city with a map. I highly recommend anyone who studies abroad to be very good at reading maps because basically every where you go you’ll get a map and be by yourself, well ok maybe with some friends but from experience, everyone is not going to be willing to try and lead other people with a map, they are just going to want to follow someone. Now the hostels, :/ YIKES, they were so sketch but hey when you’re studying abroad, the best thing to do is be smart and try to go the cheapest routes because I can almost guarantee that while you’re abroad and using a different currency, you’re going to check your money at some point and feel like you’ve done lost about 100 euros. I’ve done it multiple times, along with many of the people that I hung out with. Another advice is to keep a record of what your daily expenses are!

The hardest thing with studying abroad is probably adapting to their culture. For instance, I like to eat A LOT and here in Sevilla, it seems like food is not even on their priority list. In America we eat breakfast, than lunch at about 12 or 1 and dinner at about 6 or 7. Nope that’s not the way it happens in Spain. More like eat lunch at like 3 and dinner at like 9 or 10. My stomach growled constantly within the first few weeks, but now I’m pretty used to not eating until late. It will be interesting when I arrive back in the states and have to start eating earlier again, I think it will be very hard for me to do since I’m not hungry at 6 or 7.

Sorry that I am all over the place with this blog, but to wrap it up I must say if you ever have the opportunity to study abroad in school then DO IT. Especially since it is much cheaper to do during school than it would be if you tried to go abroad later in your life. I had a great time over here and a trip that I will never forget. I’ve met many people from different places in the United States and hopefully we will stay in touch and I will be able to take vacations and go visit them. Overall, two thumbs up for Spain!

Hasta Luego