Semester in Nottingham England

I just got back from my semester at the University of Nottingham business school. Overall it was a great place and an amazing school. The city is mostly college students and a lot of places in town to meet people.
The food here is also pretty amazing. Not exactly the fast food you are used to (although kebabs have become a suitable substitute). And the best part, tipping is uncommon and you pretty much don’t do it. Although, food prices here are kind of steep, so it’s like a balance.

Traveling around Europe can be very cheap as long as you know what you are doing several weeks in advance. There are cheap airlines all over Europe, but the train will become your standard mode of transportation. They are cheap, but comfortable. It is somewhat difficult to plan ahead where you want to travel because some of you will not truly get to know each other until you arrive abroad. Even then you will also meet other international students abroad who will want to come with or you will want to go with them.

I took classes for marketing, management, finance, and business operations. basically fin301 mgnt 301 and 401 mkt 301. They do classes a lot differently from the way UofL does. There is no homework or quizzes, they have one exam at the end of the semester that is worth 100% of your grade which is kind of intimidating but you get all of the Christmas break to study.

The drinking age over there is 18 and more sociably acceptable which can really throw you off track of your studying if your not careful. they have bars in the dorms and all over campus where people can buy pints in between classes. They have night clubs open every night of the week for students.

London is about a 2 hour train ride from Nottingham and if you book in advance is really cheap. However, London is very expensive and paying for things like food in central London can cost a lot of money and its better to go outside zone 1 if you can.

Overall it was a great experience and I recommend going to see the country. There is a lot of history and very easy to travel.