Host family

I got to meet my host family two days ago finally and they’ve been very great.  Everyone is really nice and they make sure I’m never hungry.  At dinner they just keep the food coming until I’m full.  They don’t speak English but they want to learn so we’re all teaching each other our language.  There’s a family friend who drops in from time to time and he knows some English so he acts as somewhat of a translator.  There are still some things he can’t explain or understand in the English language.  For the most part though I’m really enjoying myself.  I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better family to be matched with.  I look forward to the weekend where all of the KIIS students are supposed to spend the whole day doing activities with their families.

Shrines and New Students

So far we have visited a few shrines one of them being the largest shrine that is still in existence.  I will be able to write more about the details of the places we`ve visited when I figure out more information on it.  I wasn`t really able to understand what it was about but I will have that information shortly.  I want to be able to explain what everything was.  

On another note, today we are meeting up with students in Nara University.  We get the opportunity to try to communicate with them in the attempt to make new friends.  I can`t wait.  Also later on today we will be meeting our host family.  I share the details on how all this goes after I`ve had the experience.  Until then…�

First Blog about Japan

Hey everyone.  The trip to Japan so far has been really great.  The flight was very long, about 14 hours, but after finally reaching Japan I’ve really enjoyed myself.  The food is really good.  I haven’t had a meal yet that I haven’t enjoyed.  The people here are very friendly and polite.  One thing I’ve noticed though is that so many of them walk or ride bicycles here compared to those in the states.  It’s also weird to see kids as young as 8 or 9 walking around by themselves trying to make it to school.  The classes so far have been pretty exciting as well.  My Japanese language class is very interactive.  In addition to learning to write the Japanese language and speaking, we have activities at the end of class where we go out as a group to practice ordering food at a restaurant.  It’s a very cool experience and so far I would recommend this to anyone interested in studying abroad in Japan.  I look forward to writing more about my experiences here after I’ve done a few more things.  In a few days I’ll meet my host family and write about what it’s like staying in a Japanese home.