china trip

i have already been in beijing for three weeks. before beijing i went to shanghai for a week to go to the world expo. on the day i went with my group there were approximately 300,000 people there. now there are suppose to be a million each day. i can’t believe that. it was fun to see all of the country’s expos and to see people from all of the world i normally wouldnt see. after a couple of days in shanghai we came back to beijing and started classes. it is so much fun here. i would love to come back and do a semester if it is possible. the dorms are really nice and are close to a lot of things especially shopping malls. this past weekend we went to xi’an to see the terracotta warriors which was advertised as one of the “eight wonders of the world”. we have gone to see so many things here in beijing like tiannamen square and the great wall. i never imagined i would see all of this in my lifetime.