When In Holland, Go By Bike!

As I arrived in The Hague at the start of the semester, I immediately noticed the lack oftraffic as I know it. Very few cars were present and taxis were almost non-existent. However, traffic came in waves of a much different type, by bike! The Dutch have mastered bike transit better than any city I have seen on my journeys throughout the world. Young children, college students, professionals in the business world and everyone in between can be seen riding a bike. Whether it’s the daily commute to work, a trip to the grocery store or a night at the movies the Dutch go by bike.

Bikes!People bike starting at a young age because there are no school busses, so that is the form of transportation for young students. It’s not so much a choice of transportation as it is a life style. Here in Holland people bike well into their 70’s and 80’s. Holland is geographically very flat and that combined with their mild summers and winters paves the way for a great biking opportunity that the Dutch have clearly taken advantage of.

As a student, I immediately started searching for a bike the day I arrived. Within the first week I was able to purchase a bike from another student. Here in Holland, there are more bikes than people so finding a bike is usually not a problem. Biking to class, the store or even to the beach has been a great cultural experience. In finding my way via Dutch transport (aka my bike) I feel like I am more a part of this culture, and that has proved to be a great feeling. If you ever find yourself studying in The Hague or living in any part of Holland, go by bike. Trust me, you won’t regret it!
– AJ Bucci

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