Spain Checklist- Where to go and what to see

Here is my recommended places to go and see in Spain from my study abroad trip…

Madrid- My favorite thing to do in Madrid was going to the Prado Museum. The artwork there was the best that I saw in all of Spain…the amount of works from Velasquez and other famous artists was absolutely jaw-dropping. I spent about a total of three hours here and i could have probably spent another three just looking at all the artwork.

Toledo- Was probably one of my favorite cities in Spain. The feel and environment of this city was absolutely awesome. You have to go to both the Cathedral of St. Mary of Toledo (especially at night) as well as the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz, a building occupied by all three of the religions that have occupied Toledo throughout the years; Islam, Judaism, and Catholicism. The architecture at this building was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend spending a couple days checking out everything this city has to offer.

Sevilla- I am partial to Sevilla, since that is the place where I actually studied abroad. I recommend going to the Cathedral of Sevilla (and even a mass if you can), the Turkish Baths, the shopping district, the tapa district, the Jewish quarter, and especially the Triana district where my host-house was. The people and the food of Sevilla were absolutely awesome and I recommend trying as many foods as you possibly can. My favorite restaurant was “El Patio”, the first one that has big steps as seating, and get the  “Solomillo al Wiskey”…probably the best sandwich i have ever had.

Cordoba- This is worth a half-day just to see the Mosque of Cordoba, which was absolutely amazing and there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. But honestly other than that Cordoba did not have that much.

Granada- Absolutely awesome city. The Alhombra was absolutely amazing, a huge gated royal quarter on top of the hill, and the old-time feel of this city was awesome. The Flamenco dancing of this city is awesome as well. I totally recommend two or three days here so that you can try all their tapas and look at the city from all the great views on the surrounding hills.

Salamanca- I was honestly a little underwhelmed by Salamanca.

Valencia- A pretty cool city. I recommend going to Plaza de la Virgena and the surrounding historical sites and spend a day doing so. There is so much history here, and so much to learn, I even recommend going on the free walking tours. After a long, hot day of walking around i recommend getting some Horchata, the Valencian drink of choice. The next day i recommend going out for some Paella on Plaza de la Virgen, as well as going down to see all the sights on the river Turia, or the dry riverbead turned 7 mile long park…absolutely awesome.

Barcelona- Barcelona was pretty darn cool as well. I recommend researching the different masterpeices of Gaudi, but my favorite were Park Guell, La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlo, and Casa Mila. The architecture and sights from these places were absolutely awesome. Next i recommend going up and down Las Ramblas street and bartering with all of the store-owners, something that is quite an experience. Also something that is a 25 minute walk from Las Ramblas is the Magical Fountain. This was absolutely awesome and all i can describe it as is, 25,000 people, a huge US Congress-like building on a hill overlooking the city, huge roman like collumns, and humongous fountain in the dark playing to music.


I hope all of my advise well help you on your future travels to Spain.

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