Tips for traveling in Beijing, China:

1)     I recommend using subway it’s inexpensive. But if you decide to use a cab always check that:

  1. They have a meter measurement
  2. The taxi plaque number starts with the letter “B”
  3. It is better to take a taxi on the road, instead of a taxi waiting somewhere.
    1. Legal cabs are not permitted to wait in front of the gate of the Forbidden City or any other historic sites.
  4. If you take the subway, take care of your belongings. If you have, a backpack tried wearing it in front of you so you can keep an eye on it when walking around the crowed. Additionally, you can use your subway card to ride the shuttle as well.

2)     Crossing the street.

  1. Some locals have little sense of traffic regulations. Some drivers fail to offer priority to the walking people or bicycle. Others tend to ignore the traffic signs; so BE CAREFUL when crossing the street.

3)     Hygiene

  1. For WOMEN:

Things to Pack:

  1. Tampons, pads, etc.
  2. Lots of those little packets of tissue (you’ll seldom find places with toilet paper, so ALWAYS carry little packet tissues on your purse or bag)
  3. Hand sanitizer

4)     Technology

  1. Make sure ALL your items (cellphone & laptop charger, straightener, etc.)  Can handle the voltage in China.

a.1. if they don’t, you can always purchase an inexpensive voltage converter in china (they have all sorts of them for even US$2). Since, in the US those are quite expensive (ranging $50 – $80).

5)     Extras:

  1. Don’t travel around alone
  2. Don’t wear expensive jewelry
  3. If you sense you are being followed, get inside a shop nearby and let them know you are being followed.
  4. ALWAYS carry with you the contact details of where you are currently staying, tour person’s phone number, etc.( in case you get lost).
  5. Leave behind (hometown; with your family), a copy of ALL your personal documents; i.e. Passports, Tourist Visa, if you are an international student then leave also a copy of your I -20, and any other document you feel it’s important.
  6. Know some history and study the major attractions beforehand
  7. You can follow my second post for some “easy and useful Chinese phrases” ^^

I recommend having some empathy (putting yourself in “Beijing’s Shoes”) Be Tolerant, Open minded,& just Have Fun!!!

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