Beijing China

Thursday May 17th

Well I had my first Chinese class today and I learned a lot. Now I will have to study my butt off so that I can remember it all. I have four hours of class each day and it’s just me in the class which has its pros and cons. I like my fist teacher so far and it seems like we will move very quickly so I will need to really pay attention. I want to get as much out of this trip as possible.

On the other hand we have had so much great food and at such a cheap price. Also people like to eat family style here and the waiters get really mad when people at the same table try to pay separately. So we have been trying to avoid doing that. Even when we do we have to figure out the change and everything ourselves so that we can pay the waiter in a lump sum.

This campus has so many students from all over the place. I just met some more students from UofL which was nice.

This weekend we are going to the Great Wall which I am really looking forward too. Well I’m off to review all of the stuff I learned today so I hope everyone in enjoying their summer J

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