Nantes, France Recap Week 1

June 10, 2012 was my first day here arriving in Nantes, France! Too bad it was cold and raining, but I was happy that I was finally here after a very long flight. We were lost for a bit but found our way to La Bruniellere. We arrived too early and was lock up for at least 30 minutes before a Colombian girl helped us in. After getting comfortable in my new home, which is a pretty decent size. I have my own room, desk, bathroom, and kitchenette, which is great! I found out that in France, alot things are closed on Sundays, which sucks because I was hungry upon my arrival.

The next day, I was excited to go to Audencia School of Management for classes. Our program is a pretty big size. There are schools from Ohio State, University of Cincinnati, Bowling Green State, Longwood University, South Florida Gulf, and other american universities. Also some international schools from Germany and China participated which was awesome! The classes are very interesting and the professors are really nice and helpful! One thing I have learned while studying in France is that efficiency is not one of their strengths. The program itself has been a up and down process especially in the field of communication. But besides that, I am adjusting to the life of a French girl.

My first weekend in Nantes was fun! I saw the castle, cathedral, sight-see, shopped, ate (btw food is amazing!), made some friends, and try to practice the little French that I know. The culture shock hasn’t hit me yet even though Nantes is busier than Louisville! But I did suffer from jetlag, my body was always tired and I had mini headaches throughout the week!

For some advice: If you have a smartphone and you want to stay connected with your family or friends, there is an app called “Viber” that has free calls and text messaging!

Also always have directions and numbers on you so in case you get lost like we did on the first day, you will have a backup plan!

For the second week Recap, I went to Bordeaux, France, which is so Beautiful. I will update you soon on the trip!

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