Tips you need to know before going to China

Some tips to consider before going to China:

  1. Bring your own toilet paper everywhere you go. There is no toilet paper in public restroom like in restaurants, at Beiwai, or at some touristic places.
  2. Don’t drink the water directly from the faucet. Boil it or buy mineral water.
  3. For Chinese people is uncommon to drink cold water or water with ice. If you want some cold water some restaurant offer cold bottle of water.
  4. Bring hand sanitizer with you because some restaurant don’t provide customer soap.
  5. If you are planning to go to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, or other touristic places that you need to buy a ticket, bring your student ID, some places give discount for students.
  6. When buying stuff from street vendors, if they see that you are foreign some try to charge you more than the normal price so be aware of that.
  7. No need to pay tips in restaurant so don’t expect the same customer service from the waitress like in the USA.

Well for now these are the tips I remember. I will continue to update if I recall something else. ^^

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