One of the best sunsets I have encountered is on the coast of Italy in a city called Naples. The sunset over the islands in the Mediterranean. To the left of those islands was the Volcano Vesuvius and lost in the night was the town of Pompeii.

I was able to climb Vesuvius and explore Pompeii, but I was unable to go to the Ruins of Ercolano. However, I was able to have pizza in the home of pizza. I missed the train to Ercolano by one minute and had to wait forty minutes until the next one – in Spain I was used to a train every six minutes.

The trip was a great experience after exploring different cities and places within the city. I was even able to meet some friends in Naples. I look forward to my next visit to this city.

Places to visit:


-Piazza del Plebiscito

-Castel Nuovo

-Spiaggia Gaiola


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