Reflection of Zurich

After a steep climb – in leather business shoes – I made it to the peak of Uetliburg. This journey took two hours for me to complete, in the winter, from Wollishofen. At the peak of the mountain, I was able to overlook Zurich Lake, Altstadt (old town of Zurich), and the snowcapped Alps. On both sides of the lake, vast amounts of buildings stretch into the distance.

This trip was one of the first to test my preparation or lack thereof. I was prepared for the rain, but I was not prepared to walk over 17 miles or climb a mountain. However, that is one of the fun challenges of packing light.

I look forward to my next trip to Zurich, in the summer, with less rain. And maybe next time I will use the train to Uetliburg.

Places to visit in Zurich:



-Fraumünster Church


-Lindenhof Hill

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