Berlin Reflection

After a brisk walk across Berlin, sitting on the edge of the Spree River is the East Side Gallery. Or part of the Berlin Wall that stands today as a reminder of the past. Some of the images painted on the wall are an emotional sight and fitting tribute that conveys the history of the wall through a transcending manner. There is a brick line across the city where East and West Berlin were once divided. However, the city has progressed and there seems to be no division in the city landscape.

Some of the nicest people that I met, while traveling, resided in Berlin. Whether it was speaking to an Italian man, in a pizzeria, from Sicily that embraced me like a long-lost brother or with a man that owned an American themed restaurant. Each person shared their experiences and cultures with me that have had a beneficial impact. Plus, it did not hurt to finally eat American food after several months without.

The energetic atmosphere of Berlin is unlike any other city that I have had the chance to visit and I look forward to my next time in the city.

Places to visit:

-Museum Island

-East Side Gallery


-Reichstag Building

-Brandenburg Gate

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