Salamanca Reflection

Another journey taken was out west to Salamanca, Spain. The old city is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city boasts wonderful cathedrals, Plaza Mayor, and one of the oldest universities in the world. Red graffiti scattered throughout the walls of the city and university are the names of doctors that graduate from the university. The new graduates had to pay for their own graduation parties that the whole town could come to and would use the blood of the bull to write their names – this old tradition is no longer practiced.

Since most of the buildings use sandstone as material you may see lines worn into the stone. In the past, Spaniards would use the stone to sharpen tools. In addition, the Casa de las Conchas or ‘House of Shells’ has an ornate outside appearance. The man that built the house expressed his love to his wife by putting her family crest on the outside of their home. Today, the home is a public library.

If you travel to Spain do not miss the opportunity to come to this wonderful place.

Places to visit:

-Salamanca Cathedral

-Plaza Mayor

-Casa de las Conchas

-Roman Bridge of Salamanca

-Monastery of San Esteban

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