The Power of a Postcard

I have always been a fan of hand written notes. I started sending postcards in preschool and my hobby for it has continued to grow throughout my life. I send about 10-15 postcards anytime I visit a new place. I started to send so many it got to where I would have to do a rotation of people to ensure I didn’t leave anyone out but that I also didn’t spend my whole budget on postcards.

During my time abroad, I have mailed over 40 postcards in 5 months. I decided that I would send postcards from each place I went to and also keep one for me. By doing this, I have been able to remind my friends and family back home that I am thinking about them. It is a cheap way to update people and show that you care. The process of picking out the postcard for each person is exciting too. You have to think about the sights they would’ve wanted to see and figure out what postcard fits their personality. It sounds a little extra, I know, but I enjoy it.

It has been fun collecting them as well. I have a postcard from each city I have visited and once I return home, I plan to make a collage of them. I wanted to get a souvenir from each place that was affordable and would mean something to me through the years. I am so glad I was able to carry out my tradition while abroad and share it with my family and friends.

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