Creative Services


What do I do here at BET? I am an intern in the creative services department.

What is creative services? Under the big umbrella of marketing BET has off channel marketing, BET J and creative services. The function of our department is to service the creative needs of the company. Creative Services includes:

  • print- images with no motion such as tickets, logos, flyers
  • graphics- images with motion
  • producer
  • editor
  • director
  • executive producer
  • production assistant

My deparment mainly focuses on producing promos to advertise our shows. For instance, I was on the set of Sunday Best DC auditions. We will use the footage we shot there and from the other auditions to produce 30 second promos, 20 second, 15 and 10. A topical promotes one episode of a show. A generic provides a slight overview of the show. In a nutshell that is what I do here at BET.

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