5 Foods You’ll Never Get Sick of in Seville, Spain

1.        Bocadillos

            You will probably consume about a million bocadillos during you study abroad experience in Sevilla, Spain. A bocadillo is a sandwich made with Spanish bread and with many different filling options like potatoes, cheese, ham, pork loin and even fried squid. As a study abroad student, you will probably live off ham and cheese bocadillos either made by your host mom or the small little café by your school.

2.        Tortilla de Patatas

            Tortilla de patatas is basically a staple in every household and restaurant. It is basically a potato omelet and it is very delicious. Your host mom may make it for you during every meal or she might make it only once a week. Either way, you will always probably be able to eat the entire plate.

3.        Potatoes/Fries

            Speaking of potatoes, you will literally find them in almost every dish, which I am not complaining about. The best is when the potatoes or fries soak up the delicious sauce from whatever dish you order. You can’t leave anything to waste!

4.        Pork

            Pork. Is. Everywhere. Spain, especially Sevilla, loves their pork. They love it so much that you will find it hanging from the ceiling in every authentic tapas bars and restaurants. From jamon iberico, solomillo al whiskey (my favorite!), pork cheek, chorizo, and suckling pig, you really can’t go wrong.

5.        Churros

            There is always time to have a fried, sugary stick with a cup of Spanish hot chocolate, which is more like hot fudge. You will find them everywhere and they are usually pretty cheap too!

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