It’s Getting Hot in Here

The first three weeks of my adventure here in Florence were amazing. The people were nice, the food was great, and the weather was ideal with the exception of rain here and there. Having the option to wear jeans in the middle of summer is definitely something I can get used to. However, I think I just got hit by a heat wave and It hit me like a freight train. In the morning I start my day at 8:00. I lift my head up from the foot of the bed because it’s closer to the fan, which keeps me cool at night, and start getting ready for class. Naturally, after walking around for about 30 seconds I start sweating because AC is not a thing here in Florence. This is something I knew I needed to adjust to quickly but also something that’s easier said than done. This small concept is something that I am starting to appreciate more and more and is making me realize Florence isn’t as perfect as I originally thought (but still so close). For now, I am getting used to the fact that to keep cool I need to go get a scoop of gelato or just sit on the couch and use my hand fan, but air conditioning will be quite the welcome home for me.

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