A Day in the Life

My days abroad are everything I expected and I couldn’t be happier. I wake up at 8 and start getting ready for my 9am. I’m used to going to class in my still-sweaty workout clothes from my 6 am practice and being rushed to my 9:30, so this is a nice change of pace. After putting on real clothes, because Italians never dress down, I start to fix my hair, do my makeup and leave the apartment. On my way to class I stop at a café that has the best chocolate brioche that I have found yet and I try not to scarf it down. About two minutes further on my route to class I found a coffee shop that has American coffee; not as common as you would presume. I get it iced with some sugar and have about five more minutes till I’m at my classroom. After sitting in my class for two and a half hours, I start my walk back home and grab a panino (panini is plural from what I’ve learned so far) at my favorite panini shop. I try to speak to the owner in Italian and he corrects me every time. I grab my sandwich with spicy salami, eggplant, and pecorino cheese and I am on my way. Once I’m home, I sit on my bed, eat my sandwich and start studying or doing homework if I have some that day. I wait for my roommate to get home and we plan our evening from there. As stereotypical as it sounds, I usually opt for pizza for dinner from my favorite pizza place right around the corner. After pizza, we have to get dessert so we then swing by a gelato shop that is close. I typically get the hazelnut with dark chocolate, and man is it to die for. My day is on Italian time so I’ve grown accustom to being about five minutes late for everything, which really wasn’t that hard for me. Italians move throughout their day at a much slower pace. America is always on the go so being on Italian time has really made me learn to appreciate what I am doing and who I am doing it with. This concept is one that will for sure be a miss when back in the states.

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