Adventures in London

London was an amazing city! I studied at London School of Economics for six weeks. LSE was tough. The classes were more challenging than I had originally thought. I took one finance class and one accounting class. The classes were set up with a three hour lecture with an hour and half seminar later that day.

London was an amazing city to be in. My flatmates and I found some amazing places to go to. We lived about a block and a half from the British Museum and about a street away from Oxford Street (The biggest shopping strip in London).

Some of my favorite restaurants in London: Benito’s Hat (A restaurant like Chipotle or Qdoba), The Flat Iron (A restaurant with amazing steaks for £10), Shakespeare’s Head (the best fish and chips I had in London).

I also saw some plays while I was there, The 39 Steps, The Play That Goes Wrong, and Phantom of the Opera.

I traveled a bit while I was there, and I went to Dublin, Ireland; Paris, France; and Edinburgh, Scotland. Scotland was my favorite place to visit besides London. It was quaint and much less crowded than the other places I visited.

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