Rome, Italy

I am currently taking a study break from my midterm tomorrow to write my first blog! It’s hard to believe I have already been here over two weeks. My time here in Rome has been exhilarating between touring the historic city and meeting new friends. I haven’t traveled outside of the city yet because there is so much to see and do here in Rome. I’d have to say my favorite building here in Rome is the Pantheon with the Altare della Patria (or the “Wedding Cake” as the Romans call it) being my second favorite. Walking around the city is never disappointing as there is amazing architecture everywhere you look. Don’t worry, I won’t be spending the entire trip in Rome and I will venture out at the end of the trip!

I am studying at the American University of Rome while taking courses titled Negotiating Globally and Sales Management. As a part of the Negotiating Globally class we attended a session of the Chamber of Deputies in the Italian Parliament and our class was recognized. Although every word was spoke in Italian, it was still cool to witness that environment and decision making process. Also, as a part of this class we will be attending the US Embassy to the UN Agencies in Rome where we will meet the Deputy Chief of Mission. I never thought I would attend an Italian Parliament session or be lectured by someone from the US Embassy in Rome.

So far I have enjoyed every minute I’ve been in Rome and am very glad that I decided to study abroad. Being in Europe and seeing the different culture is eye opening to say the least. I think I’ve adapted pretty well by now and am looking forward to the rest of my adventure!

Cody Hamm

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