Traveling from Prague

During the past 3 weeks I have done some traveling outside of Prague. It is very easy to find the cheapest ways to getting around. You have basically three options to look at and they are train,plane,or a bus. All are good options but depending where you are going one may be cheaper than the other. For example, we took a trip to Budapest and it was cheaper to take a train than a bus or plane so we did that option. We took the night train to Budapest so we were able to sleep through the 8 hour trip. This past weekend we went to England via airplane. We went traveled through two different airlines and two different airports. This method was the cheapest so I would suggest looking into more than one airport and plane companies before booking your flight. This up coming weekend we found the cheapest way to get to Munich would be via bus. Hope this helps anyone that is planning on a lot of travel!

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