Prague, Czech Republic

After spending a few weeks in the city of Prague and travelling in the region I can say that I love this city. There is no shortage of things to do and see here, even a short stroll down the street will lead to some awesome view or random monument. The city itself has an incredible history, the locals like to joke that if a building was built in the last 100 years then it is a baby. The fact that it was once a socialist country (until 1989) also gives it a unique vibe. They have obviously embraced capitalism though, you have to pay for everything from using the bathroom to tap water here. We found a restaurant with free WiFi, refills, and ice and our minds were blown! The classes are solid, the School of Economics is a good one so the professors have been good for the most part. As good as the classes have been I’ve probably learned more just from interaction, observation, and travel than anything else. There is so much to do here during the day and night, and Prague is pretty much dead center of Europe so it’s relatively easy to travel elsewhere from here. All in all I have no regrets so far and would tell anyone to study abroad, this program is definitely a good one but at the very least if you can ever get to Prague, even just for a weekend I would say don’t hesitate, go for it!

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