1st semester

First month of Study Abroad in Sevilla, Spain

Well I have been absent for quite some time now living this Spanish life style and let me tell you what, IT IS AMAZING! I highly recommend to anyone to travel to Spain for a study abroad program because just like everyone says, it is a once in a life time opportunity.

So for the 1st month in this study abroad program there has been a lot going on. To start, the Spanish language is improving every day. The more you submerse yourself into the Spanish culture and Spanish language while avoiding from only hanging out with your American study abroad friends, the more you will learn. But sometimes it is hard to do. Like me it has be very overwhelming but very productive in learning the Spanish language. Like I said in my post from about a month ago, “It is very hard to learn the language when your teacher only speaks Spanish and just about as mush English as I do Spanish.” Which is very little. But day by day I have been learning a little more Spanish and adding it to my Spanish vocabulary. And the only way to actually learn the Spanish language is to speak it. You can be an expert at Spanish vocabulary and conjugations but if you can’t speak the language you have a lot more to learn. Don’t think that after a month you will be able to fluently speak the Spanish language, because I definitely cannot. I still have to have my roommate translate for me because the Spaniards speak so fast with a thick accent here in the southern part of the country. But we go everywhere together. Two heads are better than one, especially for me because I am only a month into learning the Spanish language and can only communicate on a small scale.

Anyway, there are all kinds of things to do here in Spain as either a group or individually. In Sevilla, you have to go see the orchestra concert in the Alcazar which are magnificent gardens located in the center of the city. Right next to the Alcazar is the Cathedral which also happens to be the 3rd largest in the world. If you walk to the top of the tower you can see everything absolutely everything. The Las Setas, which is the big mushroom looking structure, is also another amazing place to visit. During this past month, if you didn’t know, Spain won the Euro Cup and like every American knows, Europeans live and die for futbol a.k.a. soccer! Well things got a little crazy during each continuing round of the Euro Cup as Spain advanced to the Championship game. And the Las Setas was a main attraction for Spanish students to watch the game. Anyway long story short, Spain went absolutely loco when they won and about 250 people piled into one of the famous fountains and took the head off the statue! Moving along, you can see the documents of Christopher Columbus and his exploration and discovery of America. Kayaking or paddle boating in the river is a fun and relaxing activity to do along with going to the water park just on the out skirts of the city. Plaza de Espana is nothing like anything in the world! It was used in the making of the 2nd Stars Wars movie to say the least. And the gardens that lie just to the side of plaza de Espana are like a tropical jungle in the middle of the city.

That’s all for now folks. Ill be back in hopefully a week.

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