week 1

Ok so the first week is completed! During the first summer session I am currently taking international finance and beginning Spanish 1&2. The international finance class seems to be smooth sailing but however my Spanish class is going to test my abilities. In the very beginning when I had to sign up for my classes that I wanted to take while studying abroad, and one thing that I made sure to do was to choose the Spanish classes that were taught in English. Come to find out that the ISA study abroad program here in Sevilla does not have any Spanish classes taught in English. Now I don’t quite understand how someone who came to Spain with no ability to speak Spanish (me), to learn to speak Spanish is supposed to do so when they don’t know what the teacher is trying to teach?? But oo well. I guess the coordinators just want the students to concentrate harder and pay closer attention to the Spanish culture and piece words together, because frankly it’s a head ache. Overall day by day I learn a little and a little more. By the end of the 2nd summer session the goal is to be able to fully speak Spanish. And besides that being my only complaint, Sevilla is AWESOME and if anyone has the opportunity to do so should then you shouldn’t hesitate. I have been here for 8 nights and I love it!!!

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