August 22nd

The day took a while to get going. We woke up at 9:00 and ventured down with Brad and Jason to enjoy the complimentary breakfast. What a smorgasbord! Since I do it the “broke college kid way” and stay at Motel 6s, I’m used to getting a small bowl of knock-off Cherios and a cup of four hour old coffee as my complimentary breakfast. The Regina (the hotel) had other plans – there was plentiful and various amounts of sausage, bacon, six or seven different types of cereals, an enormous bowl of all kinds of fruit, several different kinds of yogurt, a dozen different kinds of bread, apple juice, orange juice, coffee, tea…you get the idea. We waited for Brad and Jason to get ready when we’d returned to the room and, after visiting an internet cafe with them so we could take care of booking hostels in our respective next destinations (Munich for them, Prague for us), we said our goodbyes.

The map of the city had around 30 or 40 touristy sites. Paige and I had identified several that we wanted to go to so we started to try and knock them off the list one by one. Choosing what we thought would be the cheapest one first (a hedge maze), we set out on a long walk that eventually led us to some sort of large royal garden. I’m not sure if the maze was supposed to be in there or not but if it was, it was umm…much less cool than it looked on the picture. Fortunately, the garden was quite beautiful so we walked around and took a few pictures.

Trying to find this garden took a significant portion of the day since we had to walk all the way across town so we decided we would save the rest of what we had planned to do for tomorrow. On the way to the train station to buy our tickets, we came across a very cheap internet cafe and decided we’d spend a few hours taking care of some things. After finishing up at the internet cafe and buying our tickets to Prague for the next day, we struggled with what to do next since everything we wanted to do was closed. Paige pulled a flier out of her pocket for a band named KAMIKAZE SPERM that was performing at a bar named the Viper Room – Vienna…the name was interesting and since there was nothing else to do, we figured we’d check it out.

Ah, irresponsibility. That’s all I’ll say about our night with KAMIKAZE SPERM (in which we did end up meeting and hanging out with the band). Long story short, we ended up sleeping in the streets of Vienna – I can elaborate more on this story on a case-by-case basis. What an unexpectedly rough night.




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