Panama City, Panama – Blog 1

Today our UofL group went to take a guided tour of Ancon Hill. As we made our way up the hill, we saw some really interesting animals including toucans, spider monkeys, and vultures. Upon arriving to the top of the hill, we had to opportunity to see a spectacular view of Panama City. After a group picture, we went to another part of the hill and were able to get a get view of the former canal zone.

What was so remarkable to me was not so much the physical beauty of the scenic landscapes we saw, but what the buildings and areas represent. Our guide spoke with us about the rich history that took place in the former canal zone. Prior to leaving for this trip to Ancon Hill, I also read the novel Panama for Dr. Futrell’s course. Between our guide’s vast knowledge of the canal zone and the informative part of the novel, I was able to get something out of the view that had a deeper meaning than a beautiful imagine.

I believe that history is extremely important because you gain a more valuable and complete understanding of someone or some thing if you know the story behind its origin. Even in listen to the tour guide and reading the novel, however, I still did not gain that full understanding. Maybe it’s true that seeing is believing because once I saw that view of the canal zone from Ancon Hill, all of that information presented to me from those two sources came together. I now have a far greater respect and understanding of the history of Panama, both from a country perspective and a political perspective, because of my trip to Ancon Hill and the view of the canal zone.

– AJ Bucci

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