Last Days in Firenze

So my time here in Florence is winding down, as I will be home this time in 4 days and while I am ready to be home and cannot wait to see everybody waiting for me, it will be really weird leaving as I truly have become adjusted to the European lifestyle. I will miss many simple things like walking along the Arno River to the grocery store multiple times a week, taking naps and reading in the beautiful gardens and stopping at my favorite little street market in the mornings to get some strawberries for breakfast.

My one piece of advice for anybody that is going to travel abroad is to never stop when you are there. Travel as much as you can and don’t take anything for granted, because you quickly realize there is no where near enough time to see everything you want to. In total, I was only in Florence for 3 out of my 16 weekends and while I got exhausted sometimes, it was worth it all and I got to see SO many amazing places that exist in this world. I made it to eight different countries and 30 something cities. I have seen so many places that most people only get to see in books or on the internet and when I look back on pictures, it feels like a dream. However, I thought I was going to cross a lot of places off my list, instead, I only found out that there are even more places that I would like to make it to and visit one day!

Just in case you need some inspiration on some of the AMAZING things you get the opportunity to do while abroad, here are my top experiences:
Top Experiences (in no particular order):
1. Walking through the Colosseum
2. Climbing the scariest climb ever up St. Peter’s Dome
3. Cheering on the Florence soccer team vs Verona
4. Experiencing Venice Carnevale
5. Holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa
6. Skydiving 13,000 feet about the snow covered Swiss Alps
7. Night sledding down the alps and seeing the most beautiful sky full of stars I’ve ever seen
8. Seeing the famous clock tower show in Prague
9. Walking along the Berlin Wall
10. Watching and screeching the first time I saw the Eiffel Tower light up at night
11. Walking through the Hall of Mirrors
12. Seeing where Anne Frank lived in utter silence and darkness
13. Riding a bike through Amsterdam
14. Watching the sunset at Fiesole with wine and cake
15. White water rafting and cliff jumping in Croatia
16. Swimming in the freezing cold Adriatic Sea and seeing a dolphin
17. Swimming in the Krka National Waterfalls
18. Writing a letter to Juliet
19. Having dinner on the hill of Positano
20. Drinking a beer in the infamous Temple Bar and PS I Love You bar
21. Walking along the Cliffs of Moher that have been there for over 320 million years
22. Pouring the perfect pint of Guinness
23. Eating dinner and listening to wonderful music at Fitzgerald’s
24. Finding Coop
25. Hiking through Cinque Terre

In my time here, I have mostly learned how grateful for everything back home I am. Things like free water and bread and the free use of public bathrooms will not be taken for granted anymore. Or being able to just get in a car and go somewhere for awhile, since your feet only get you so far in a certain amount of time. I have realized just how great my life back home is and how good I really have it. I have the greatest family and friends waiting for me and this trip has reenforced all of that. It’s been fun, but I can’t wait to see you again America!Casinovendors Com Subcategory Vendors ListCasinovendors Com Subcategory Vendors List

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