The Hague!

Greetings from The Netherlands everybody!!

I am currently studying at The Hague University in The Netherlands! I am here just for 1 semester but it has already been a BLAST so far!

This Dutch school took me some time to get adjusted. It was difficult to schedule classes but once I got the hang of it (with the help from UofL staff) everything was perfect!

I absolutely love my dorm. I live by myself which is nice when I want privacy but this building is 20 stories high fill with exchange students so I always have someone to talk to!

I have been here since August 22nd and I have already traveled all around The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Naarden, Volendam, Rotterdam etc) and I have also been to Brussels, Belgium.

This weekend I am going to Croatia! I can’t wait. I will be gone for 5 days. Stay Tuned for pictures!

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