Abroad in the Orient

Hello everyone,

My name is Josh and I am a marketing major finishing up my Chinese minor in Beijing China.  It is a whole different world over here.  It is very interesting just walking down the streets here, due to the fact that everybody looks at you because they have never seen a foreigner before.  I have also had my photo taken several times.  Chinese people are some of the nicest people I have met traveling the world.  I have been here for two weeks so far and everyday has been eventful.  I have visited several historical sites, from the Great Wall to the Forbidden City.  They were breath taking to say the least.   I have made friends with a lot of international students from all around the world at my university.  We all go out just about everyday to explore the city and everything it has to offer.  If you are thinking about studying abroad, I would suggest to you, consider China for it’s ancient beauty and timeless traditions.  I am having the time of my life!

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