When you make it


Before you leave, you will ask yourself and everybody else will ask, too- where are you going to travel? For me, that was a very broad question. I had no idea what was realistic or affordable, much less really awesome. I knew that I wanted to go to Italy, so that was a start. Otherwise, I made a list of maybe 20 cities that I thought might be interesting, knowing that I won’t make it to all of them. For me, that has been a good starting point from which to narrow down. Of course, when you are here you will add cities to that list and random trips may come up- I was invited to Denmark in a few weeks and, frankly, I’ve never once considered going to Denmark up until now.
My recommendation is to search for destinations that fit your interests. If you dislike art, then I think you can bet you’ll dislike the Louvre. If you don’t like fashion, Milan is probably not for you. My interests lie more in what I can do at a destination, not just what I can see. Accordingly, I am not going out of my way to look at the tower of Pisa. I did, though, spend St.Patrick’s Day in Dublin, have booked my tickets to ski in the Swiss Alps, and hope to see a bullfight in Spain this summer. Searching for adventures makes it easier for me to find destinations to suit me. Europe has it all, it’s up to you to choose.

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