I’d like to take a minute to describe the city of Seoul in general. This description will be,I’m afraid, mediocre at best, since Seoul is simply way too large to be able to explore in 6 weeks. However my impression so far is that Seoul is a city thats turning into the next hot spot of the world. Everyday as I walk around Seoul, even near campus, buildings are being torn down and rebuilt, and new businesses are opening up. Still, Seoul is so large that one minute you can be walking down a part of the city that seems to replicate photos of downtown New York and then stumble into another part that may remind you of some old photos of Shanghai in the 1930s. Seoul has so much to do, no matter what kind of person you are. You could go to the ancient Gyeongbok Palace shop in the morning and then to Myeongdong in the afternoon, a sprawling section of Korea that is packed with people wanting to buy clothes, jewely, etc. Afterwards you could go to the fish market to try out all kinds of unique types of food, from shark to live octopus. After it gets dark, theres a place called Namsan Seoul Tower  that overlooks the city from the very center of Seoul. When it gets to be about 11 or 12 Gangnam and Hongdae are two of the most popular spots in Seoul. These two places are lit up at night from the lights on various restaurants, bars, or dakpogi stands (small stalls of streets food where you can sit and eat spicy rice cakes or corndogs.) In short, Seoul has so much that after my six weeks here, I hope to be able to come here again to study to explore the rest of this place.          -Warren

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