This past weekend, Brian and I ventured to Luxembourg. We bought a train pass before we came to Europe, but now we realize that we will be hard pressed to use all 15 days of travel in a 2 month period. In all honesty, the two day trip to Luxembourg was quite spontaneous, as we didn’t decide to go there until the past Monday.

We left on Friday morning and came back late Saturday night. With travel times included (about 6 hours each way), we were actually only in Luxembourg City for around 24 hours. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed our little get-a-way from Holland. The city was quite pretty and picturesque. Luxembourg even had hills!!! We had not seen substantial hills since Dublin (the literal translation of Netherlands is “low lands” or “flat lands.”) The city was also quite clean; it may have even been the cleanest place I have ever traveled to.

We maximized our time there by going to as many places as possible in a short period. We saw the Palace of the Grand Duchy (Luxembourg is the only remaining sovereign Grand Duchy), some beautiful cathedrals, and a famous fortress dating back to the 10th century. The rest of time there, we wandered around a marketplace, took a hike through the forest, and just took in the sights.

Another upside of our trip was the hostel. The hostel that we stayed at was not only the cheapest one available, but it resembled a Holiday Inn. It was by far the best hostel I have ever stayed at. I am hoping to stay in another hostel run by the same chain in the near future.

All in all, I am glad that we decided to go to Luxembourg. It was nice in a sense because nobody really talks about or travels to Luxembourg; it was cool to do something that most people won’t ever do. Luxembourg was also the prettiest place I have seen since I have been to Europe. Because of its small size, there was not a whole lot to do. The amount of time we spent there was pretty ideal. So, I wouldn’t recommend ever going there for an extended period of time, but if you are ever in the nearby vicinity (Belgium, Holland, Germany, or France), I highly recommend you stop in Luxembourg for a day or two.

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