Oh, Korea. Must I Leave So Soon?

This semester has been beyond words. I fell in love with a new culture, ate amazing food, met some really cool people, and had new experiences I have never had in my life.

Korea has been the most wonderful adventure. It’s sad to know that not many people choose to study here when there is SO MUCH for a young person to do in Korea. I have not had a dull moment the entire time, and have already proclaimed many times that I will indeed return to Korea very soon.

It is my last day here. I am filled with so many emotions ranging from sad and heartbroken because I must go, to excitement because I am ready to see my loved ones again and tell them about my amazing adventures in Seoul. Seoul has changed me a lot by giving me this independent ability to do as I please and to be able to just walk out the door and be anywhere, anytime of the day.

Growth is the word that has resonated in my mind. I’ve grown friendships in Seoul, I’ve grown internally in Seoul, and I have grown happier in Seoul. Everytime I would call anyone from back home, they would always tell me I looked so happy and excited! A result of such growth could be seen on my face. How cool is that?

I am eternally thankful for this amazing experience. I feel like I have been given something I can hold onto forever through photos and memories and a quick Kakao message to my friends. My mind doesn’t even want to accept the fact that I am leaving. It’s bittersweet.

I love Korea. I just love it. Kamsahabnida.

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