Get Away to Garda

Through USAC’s Verona program, they offer an optional overnight tour of Lake Garda close to the end of the session. It was one of those things that I thought, I’m only here once, I may as well go. I didn’t expect Lake Garda to be one of my favorite places I got to see.

The boat across the lake to get to a Limone, the city of lemons, began the trip on a high note. While there, we toured a 14th century lemon grove that was practically grown into the side of the mountains. The town itself was practically untouched from modernization, giving us another moment to step back into time.

 Our next stop, via boat, was town across the lake, Riva. After a short tour, we hit the beach and walked around the coastal town. While walking about with a group looking for gelato, we even made another friend with a local cat! It was easy to see she was a neighborhood cat based on how cuddly she was. The cat reminded me so much of my own two black cats back home.

Lake Garda was a great trip to catch a breath and relax from the go-go-go attitude we all carried during our session in Verona.

Until next post , arrivederci!

Some of the lemon trees in the grove. There were signs everywhere warning tourists not to touch the fruit!
The cat we met walking around town. She was an absolute sweetheart!

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