Wrapping Up Prague

My time here in Prague is wrapping up quickly, and it’s so bittersweet. Although I miss my animals and friends/family, I absolutely love the culture, food, and overall atmosphere so much in Prague. I’ve been able to try so many new things and new experiences I would never be able to get in the US, and I’m just so thankful I was able to go on this trip. My classes went really well, and it was awesome to be able to meet some locals through the school. Although my program technically ends this Saturday, I decided to extend my trip by a few days to travel to Amsterdam which I’m very excited about.

My experience here has made me want to investigate coming back next year, possibly even for a potential career. The food is so fresh and delicious, I’ve had the best fruit of my life here! I’ve been able to try pork knuckle, beef goulash, kebabs, roasted duck, the list goes on… The travel is also so much cheaper, I can’t believe I went to Budapest for only 40 euros round trip! Budapest was so beautiful; we visited many gorgeous buildings such as the Parliament House and Fishermen’s Bastion. The night life was a lot of fun as well, but I still love Prague the most. So thankful this was the city I chose to spend the majority of my nine weeks here!

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