5 Things You Must Do When Visiting Prague

1.Walk Across the Charles Bridge 

The Charles Bridge is a must see when visiting Prague. Built in the 1400s, the bridge is the oldest bridge in Prague. It’s a Gothic Style Bridge that spans across the Vltava River and connects Old Town to Lesser Town. Today, the bridge is flocked with many musicians, street performers, and stands selling jewelry. Most tourists walk the bridge during the afternoon, so my best advice for avoiding the crowd is to go in the early morning or late at night.

The view from the Charles Bridge at sunrise

2. Try a trdelnik
When you’re in Prague, you will find stands for trdelnik everywhere. Trdelnik, also known as a “chimney cake”, is a famous dessert in the Czech Republic. The cinnamon pastry is cone shaped and can be sold plain or with fillings such as chocolate, vanilla ice cream, or strawberries. Although the trdelik is popular in Prague, during my time here I have learned that it actually isn’t a traditional Czech food! Regardless, I still recommend trying one of the delicious pastries while you’re here.

trdelnik with whipped cream and strawberries!

3. Write a message on the John Lennon wall
I learned about the history of the John Lennon wall during a walking tour I took my first few days in Prague. During the 1980s, John Lennon became a hero to the public of Prague. After John Lennon’s image was painted on the wall, graffiti about politics and Beatle’s lyrics soon followed. No matter how many times the wall was repainted, the youth of Prague continuously added to the wall. Now the wall is a tourist attraction where people come to write their own personal messages on the wall. I actually have yet to write my own message, but definitely plan to add to the wall before I leave Prague.

4. Visit Petrin Hill
On the top of Petrin Hill is the Petrin Lookout Tower, also known as “Prague Eiffel Tower”, which gives arguably the best view of Prague. I wasn’t even really aware of just how big Prague is until I saw it from this view. If you’re willing to climb the 299 stairs to reach the top of the tower, I’ll tell you that the view is by far worth it. If you aren’t in the mood for a climb, Petrin Hill has a rose garden and plenty of spots for a nice picnic.

A picture of me at Petrin Lookout Tower

5. Take a look at the Astronomical clock
The Astronomical clock is an absolute historic wonder. The clock was made in the 1400s and is centered in Old Town Square. Sadly, during my time here the astronomical clock is under reconstruction. However, if you are lucky enough to visit while it is up and running, I definitely recommend it!

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