If you come to Germany, you need to definately visit Berlin.  Berlin is amazing.  There is so much history in this city.  The Berlin Wall, German Parliament, Checkpoint Charlie, Holocaust Memorial, DDR Museum were just some of the exciting things we were able to see. 

Throughout the whole city there is a brick line inidicating where the Wall used to be and you can walk the whole wall if you wanted.  Walking the Wall will lead to Checkpoint Charlie which is a point along the Wall where certain people were able to cross form East Germany into West Germany. 

The Holocaust Memorial is a very moving and if you have time there is a sort of musuem under the memorial that cronicals the life of some Jewish families during the Holocaust.  And not too far away from the Holocaust Memorial is the place where Hitler burned all the literature that could threaten his rule.  You can actually look down into the old library and see all the empty shelves. 

The last place we visited was the DDR Musuem.  When you walk in you are in the old East Germany.  The musuem has replicas of an apartment, the clothes and fashions, the car the everybody drove, and the toys and cartoons of East Germany.  It was very interesting to see the how different two parts of the same city were.

So once again, if you come to Germany definately make of stopping in Berlin.  Just walking through the city, you can feel the amazing history that took place there.

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