Thursday, six days to Election Day

Arrived in NYC after a flight delay, and if nothing else good happens between now and Wednesday morning, at least there’s this: cabs now accept credit cards and have Taxi TV in the back, complete with GPS that shows you exactly where you are within a few yards of the actual location. Touch screens also have news, weather and sports highlights, and ads for condos costing a cool million or more. Bottom line, any tom, dick or habeeb now can ride a cab anywhere in the city without fear of being ripped off or lost.

FYI, from LGA to the New Yorker Hotel, just across from Penn Station and the Gardens, was $30, plus $5 for the Triborough Bridge toll (Midtown tunnel was backed up) plus tip for about $40.

Met up with friends from previous election duty and discovered a tiny italian place with $12 entrees and $26 bottles of wine. What the place lacked in quality it made up for with butter. Walking back we stopped at a noisy bar–Stitch–for a drink, but gave up trying to talk after one round and ended up back at the hotel bar.

Tomorrow at 10 we start election night tabulation/QC rehearsals at AP, preparing for what could be an election night with generational impacts. That and the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade and the Marathon on Sunday make this a great weekend to be in the city. We’re a stone’s throw from Macys big store at
34th Street, as in Miracle on, and last time we were here on halloween they did a heroic job of dressing their windows with classic horror film scenes, including spraying music and sound effects into the street.

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