Sevilla, Spain

My study abroad experience was fast paced and busy to say the least. Two classes in six weeks was challenging but luckily the professors and material was interesting and definitely worth 4 hours of my day. But the real fun was on the weekends, especially when we visited other cities. The smaller towns like Granada, Cordoba, and Malaga were my favorites, much better than metropolitan Madrid. Although the museums and cathedrals I visited were beautiful and were presented by great tour guides, I couldn’t wait to get out in the nature of Spain. I found a beautiful national park, El Torcal, for a hike near the beach town of Malaga. Plus, laying on the beach with a view of the ocean and mountains in the background was gorgeous and out of the ordinary. But during the week, it was fun to just walk around the city to choose a restaurant (or accidentally wandering for hours because I got lost) was enjoyable any time. Some days I walked over ten miles. Those six weeks went by way too fast and I can’t wait to return to Europe independently and explore more countries.

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