Honing in to the Relaxation Factors

I am your typical type A student who loves to do everything perfect to the tee. So, naturally, studying abroad is not the easiest thing for someone of my type… especially in a country like Costa Rica. The first two weeks of classes I had more homework than I had imagined. My first week of adjustment had basic assignments, but the second week was difficult as I had three¬† Spanish presentations that had to be ten minutes or more… talk about Spanish conversation.

As a constant worrier, the Pura vida (relaxed) lifestyle was much more difficult for me to adapt to. Everyday, I ask my advisor so many questions about where to go, what to do, or worry about being late for something and she responds “Carolina relaja” (“Caroline Relax”).

This study abroad trip has started to teach me to take things as they go. Yes, I have classes and studying and I have to adjust to the new culture. I have so many things to do, yet if I wait to enjoy my time here while I’m comfortable it will be time to leave. Enjoy the culture and leave who you are in the United States behind because every culture is different. If you adapt to it, you will have a great time!


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