Congratulations, Argentina on the Olympic Gold Medal in soccer!

This is Emily reporting to you live from Argentina!  It is 3:30am here, and 2:30am in Louisville (well, it was when I wrote this note before my laptop crashed)…and Argentina has recently won the GOLD medal in soccer in the Olympics.  I have just come back from the centro, where I filmed a short video of the celebration.  As you can imagine, folks were in the street in the centro dancing and jumping up and down.  Cars were honking wildly.  It was really fun to be here for it.

I wish I could upload it, but it seems this WordPress application has not been allowing me to upload pictures, let alone videos for the last few months!  I have played around in the help me files several times to no avail.  I can upload a file, but once I do, it’s corrupted.  But this post is about….Congratulations Argentina!  And have you ever noticed how North–centric it is to call the Olympic summer games by that name when it’s the middle of winter in other parts of the world?

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