Preparing for el viaje de mi vida

El viaje de mi vida, or “the trip of my lifetime”, is quickly approaching and I have been planning for it for over a month.  I remember sometime at the end of May, I sat down on my computer writing a 2 page list of things I needed to take, which bag to put them in, what I needed to buy, travel tips, and packing tips.  You could say…uh… I went a bit overboard, but I’m a planner–what can I say? Finally, the week has come where I will travel to the rainy, hot, humid, but relaxing country of Costa Rica. For three days I will set out with some family where we will stay at a resort and go on an excursion and then on July 2nd, I will begin my five week study abroad trip!

All I can feel right now is a mixture of nerves, excitement, unexpectancy, and anxiousness but I know that with all of the planning I have done, I will have a blast once I finally arrive! All of the preparation I have made for this trip has done two things: made me unbelievably ready and a bit anxious since I have been preparing for SO long. I believe that planning has a lot of power, but I urge you not to allow it to make you go crazy.

I have done all of the planning and packing that I can and now I am ready for a month of spontaneity, 28 hours of classes a week, and adventure! If there are any tips I could offer as far as packing goes it would be these:

1) Research the culture and weather to decide on what to wear.

2) Roll everything tightly and organize your clothes in your suitcase so things stay wrinkle free and are easy to find.

3) Pack some of your favorite snacks and put a jar of peanut butter in your checked bag.

4) Start packing your clothes at least a week ahead of time so you don’t over-pack.

5) Leave room for things you may bring home from the country.

6) Relax!!! If you go into it with a positive attitude you will be ready to go 🙂

I cannot wait to share all of the memories I create and journeys I go on with each of you and I hope everyone reading this gains something out of it and develops or gains a stronger passion for travel and adventure. Pura vida!!  (the popular Costa Rican saying for “Pure Life”)

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