You’re Only Here Once

2016-02-16 09.22.08
Make the most of your time if you don’t travel while you are already in Europe, the prices are going to go way up. Remember that skyscanner is your best friend and plan in advance always.
I am spending my semester in Bordeaux France and though I have no been here long I have been able to explore the region a bit through bus lines, train lines (SNCF mostly) and soon by air!
If you are in France I would advise you to travel the region you are in first and then when you want to go to Germany or some land that seems close but is quite expensive, take on the challenge and find small towns to stop at on the way and break up the trip. I promise it will be less expensive.
Another little travel tip, try to travel with people who have the same budget as you and also same values in general. it is hard to travel when everyone wants to go to different places and you have a very small amount of time to get all these places covered.
Most of all have fun and don’t be scared to travel by yourself! BUT if you travel by yourself be very careful and triple check where you are staying to make sure it is in a safe area!
Have fun travel buddies and keep sharing your stories!
Kariana Dear ( a wonderluster on a budget)

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